How Agile Skills Learnt in Lockdown Will Help You Throughout Your Career

Many of you will have gained valuable new skills over the course of this challenging year, which, if developed, will continue to benefit you long into the future. As the country came to grips with a sudden switch to remote working, you were asked to step up to the challenge of learning how to manage change, stay motivated and safeguard your own mental wellbeing – all from a distance.

It is wise to assess how this period may have facilitated your professional development and how agile skills learnt in lockdown could continue to serve you well into your career.

Effective Remote Communication and Its Importance in The Emerging Job Market

Unsurprisingly, the countless virtual meetings that you will have participated in under lockdown restrictions will have developed your skills in effective remote communication. In addition to mastering the technicalities of this crucial technology, you have learnt to build rapport virtually, to practise active listening and to engage audiences remotely.

Although not all companies are able to adopt the same work-from-home practices as others, remote software, such as virtual conferencing, has the potential to become the preferred form of communication in every industry, making effective remote communication an invaluable skill to have.

Using Time Management, Discipline and Accountability to Manage Your Workload During Lockdown

The uncertainty caused by the pandemic has wreaked havoc on both our personal and professional lives. The lines between work, home and our children’s education have felt blurred, if not, non-existent. How have you managed to eliminate distractions and to strike a healthy work-life balance in order to meet various deadlines?

By taking ownership of your time, you improve your ability to concentrate, make better decisions and ultimately gain control of your key priorities. The development of transferable skills, such as sharpened time management, a greater sense of self-discipline, and a higher level of accountability, as a consequence of the pandemic, will help to bolster your career in the future.

Adaptability and Flexibility in A Post-Pandemic World

The pandemic has brought with it numerous changes in all aspects of our lives. In the world of work, the ability to adapt to these changes and to demonstrate a flexible approach has played a crucial part in stabilising businesses and preparing employees to operate in a very different market. 

The world was already changing rapidly, but COVID-19 has accelerated it, paving the way for less traditional working models to thrive. There are likely to be fewer ‘jobs for life’, and therefore in order to succeed in a post-pandemic world, you will need to be able to adapt to an ever-evolving workplace and to continue to update and refresh your skills.