How to Attract and Retain Top Manufacturing Talent

The UK manufacturing industry has been working towards increased digitalisation for the past decade. However, with the onset of the pandemic and its longevity, for many companies, the need for technological innovation has become a question of current survival rather than long-term gain.

As manufacturers seek to improve their productivity, strengthen their processes and future-proof their production methods, hiring the best new talent has become crucial. So when it comes to your next recruitment campaign, how can you attract – and retain – the right candidate for the role?

The Future of Manufacturing Careers

It goes without saying that technology has transformed the talent profile of the manufacturing industry. Employers within the sector now need to look for much more than engineering credentials, and relevant degrees are no longer enough to help job seekers secure the most lucrative positions.

Recruiters are now looking for skills specific to digitalisation, such as software and programming knowledge. Including these in a job description will help ensure new workers hit the ground running, and can also improve the skillset of an existing team with more traditional engineering abilities.

One of the key competencies to now consider is a candidate’s awareness of cyberthreats to the industry. Over recent months, the increased reliance on digital processes along with remote working has led to a significant rise in cybercrime, with manufacturing firms frequently being targeted.

Writing Successful Job Adverts

When commencing a recruitment campaign, it’s important to spend time perfecting the job advert and candidate profile. The idea that ‘first impressions matter’ really does work both ways, so find ways to promote your manufacturing company’s Unique Selling Points (USPs) to attract job seekers.

Having a strong brand image is vital to all businesses, so ensure you website and social media pages are up to scratch. Use them to endorse your values and culture, including the ways in which your company supports employees. Your commitment to diversity should also be demonstrated here.

By promoting a positive company culture during the recruitment process, not only will you appeal to the best candidates, but you’ll also stand a better chance of them staying with you for the long-term.

Retaining New Talent

Another consequence of the pandemic has been a focus on staff wellbeing. Many manufacturers have now taken the opportunity to introduce new policies and working procedures to help care for their staff, from offering flexible hours and home working to mental health support and training.

In a recent survey, 54% of workers in the manufacturing industry reported an increase in workplace stress since the start of the pandemic. Showing how your company actively supports the mental and physical safety of its employees should therefore be a key part of your health and safety policy.

Support with Recruitment

Whether you’re a manufacturing company looking for new talent or an aspiring candidate seeking the right role, Talent UK have the expertise to support your search. Get in touch with us today.